Sky’s the limit: Michael Dong interviewed by Your Property Network magazine

In September 2018, more than 200 delegates gathered in Newcastle for one of the largest ever meetings between Northern businesses and civic leaders – the Convention of the North 2018.




The purpose was to discuss, and progress, the Northern Powerhouse agenda. During the meeting, there was one reoccurring standpoint: that the North of England would no longer accept underinvestment and inequality.




Undoubtedly, the North is ripe for investment, a powerful, standalone economy that central government cannot overlook.
£304bn economy




The convention was a milestone for the Northern Powerhouse, with the significant moment re-emphasising the Northern leader’s commitment to bringing the scheme to fruition. Newcastle council leader, Nick Forbes, perhaps best summed up this attitude. He said: ‘the North must not undersell ourselves… we are a £304bn economy, and must push further and faster on devolution.’


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