Our collaborations with funding partners, landowners, local authorities, housing associations and institutional clients are instrumental in realising our placemaking vision.

Build to rent

There is a huge supply and demand imbalance which dictates the massive potential for BTR sector. We have a track record of working with institutional investors looking for more opportunities in countercyclical asset class


Housing associations

 We work collaboratively with Housing Associations, delivering homes for those that need them most. We pride ourselves on a purpose before profit ethos, focusing on the end user.  


Funding Partners

Having been working with funding partners since the beginning of Investar, our track record proves we have delivered on what we promised.  Our experience and track record underpins the safety and return of the investment




Local Authorities  

 Collaborating with local authorities is key to our success in delivering our placemaking projects. Building our relationships on trust, openness and respect is imperative to ensure a fruitful and long relationship between all parties.