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Delivering exceptional returns & 
services through all in one property operations.

Investar Asset Management

Hands on asset management, providing One Stop
property solutions for private & institutional investors.

Investar Developments

Developing , selling and managing properties 
for both UK and overseas markets.

Investar Holdings

Bespoke investment services around 
long term holding assets for Investar group 
& institutional clients.

Investar City living

Hotel standard serviced apartments 
in the best city locations.

Investar Asset Management

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About Us

At Investar Property Group, our name is synonymous with the Northern Powerhouse property market and our reputation is founded on exceptional service. As we celebrate 10 years within the UK property industry we continue to innovate and strive to raise the bar. The result is a fast growing client base that enjoys the benefits of our expertise and the best opportunities.

What we do at IPG is to transcend traditional barriers by creating a one stop service for our private and institutional clients at home and abroad, helping them to achieve their investment aims by creative property investing.

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Latest Blog Post
4th March 2016

The Northern Powerhouse Conference

We joined senior leaders and influencers from all sectors (including the property & construction industry) at the just finished UK Northern Powerhouse Conference, to focus on the commercial potential of the North of England in the global market.

Latest Blog Post
23rd February 2016

IPG launch event: Thank you – & pictures!

Last Thursday evening we hosted the Investar Property Group launch event and we had a blast. We were excited and thrilled to see the count go all the way up to over 70 guests – we couldn’t be sure how many of you would make it despite the RSVP; and miraculously enough food & drinks to go around. Also a big thanks to those of you who sent your regards even though you were unable to make it!

Latest Blog Post
1st February 2016

Welcome to IPG and a Happy New Year to you!

In Chinese mythology, 2016 is the year of Monkey. This cheeky animal bursts with energy, is fast paced and is full of motivation. The Monkey’s gift is the ability to find creative solutions to new challenges. Daring to be different can lead to success.

Latest Blog Post
1st February 2016

2015 - A look back at a busy and successful year!

2015 has been a busy and very exciting year for everyone at Investar Property Group. We have experienced significant growth through exercising a number of varying strategies.

Contact us today on 0161 813 2710 or email us on info@investarproperty.co.uk

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